Launch of The Tamrielic Inquisition ((A work in progress TESO roleplay series))

Soul Shriven
Located on the North American server for the Xbox One, The Tamrielic Inquisition is a work in progress TESO roleplay series. Everything is still coming together and I'm currently searching for participants on Xbox One's Club system as well. The roleplay will be center focused on the building of a player's character and their involvement in the threat of Molag Bal and the Three Banner War in Cyrodiil. This is the first roleplay series I'm working on for the Xbox One NA server. The TI (Tamrielic Inquisition) is intended to welcome new roleplayers and give experienced roleplayers something new to participate in. Here is the About Us of the TI guild: Tamriel faces the threat of Molag Bal's forces of Coldharbour, and the Three Banner War raging in Cyrodiil. A force must rise to the occasion to aid in the fight against Molag Bal and the opposing alliances. The Inquisition has sworn loyalty to the Skald King of the Ebonheart Pact and fights for its mutual goal of ending the war. Will you join the fight to bring back Order and Peace for all of Tamriel?

I am open to any advice or criticism from any experienced roleplayer across all gaming platforms. I am searching for members as well to help me manage the guild so everyone involved is having a fun and growing experience to strengthen their roleplay gaming experience on the Xbox One.
Geralt Whitemyre, Nord Dragonknight
"We were forged in war. The Akaviri threatened our homes and our very lives. My hands once use to shake when holding my weapon. I had seen bloodshed and experience loss. After the war... My hands had stopped shaking."
  • Yargu
    I would be very interested in joining your guild. I've been trying to find role players on the Xbox-NA server. :)
  • RogueWolf_I77V

    GT = RogueWolfGaming
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