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High Priestess Emily and Princess Justine. Trying To Save Scourge PS4 EU

I don't know how to gain reinforcements for both Daggerfall and Aldmeri in Scourge PS4 EU. I am just tired of everyone leaving Scourge. So very few of us left. For both Daggerfall and Aldmeri. I am also stuck in Scourge. Tried Thornblade and other campaigns but no go for me. I want to put this story in alliance section but it going to be move here anyways. Even though it mentions what going on in Scourge on PS4 EU. Kinda.

So since I am stuck in Scourge PS4 EU and actually love Scourge anyways. I just don't want any more Aldmeri and Daggerfall to leave. I want to make Scourge more fun. Fun for all 3 alliances. I wasn't sure what is the best way to gain reinforcements for Scourge PS4 EU. For both Aldmeri and Daggerfall. Were so few.
Ebonheart is good force and very strong. I don't blame anyone by the way. Just tired of seeing both Aldmeri and Daggerfall leaving Scourge.

The reason I decided to make a story. Is the only way I know how to do. What I mean is by doing story. I can express freely. All my feelings into here. By writing all my feelings down it is also how I create my ESO Characters.

By doing this story. Hopefully Aldmeri and Daggerfall who is on PS4 EU. Would be able to see this and probably. Just might try out Scourge PS4 EU. It is my greatest wish. To try and Save Scourge. Also most of you know about the history of Princess Justine. About Princess Justine's Twin Sister. I will continue with some parts. From were I have left off. It will be sad. But maybe full of encouragement also?

There also. Comes to play. A new Character. Hopefully to she will be in more stories just like Princess Justine. Her name is. High Priestess Emily. Who serves Daggerfall. High Priestess Emily. Will play a big part in this story. In order to help Princess Justine. Of What she is going through. From the loss of Princess Justine twin Sister.

I decided also to pit a little twist to the story. Again this story was solely to try and get reinforcements for both Daggerfall and Aldmeri in Scourge on PS4 EU and to also. Were I left off with Princess Justine. I really wish I could put this in Campaign. But don't think it possible. Here goes the story below.

High Priestess Emily and Princess Justine. Trying to Save Scourge

It all happened. As far as I can remember. Those 2 brave souls. True heroes that they are. 2 brave souls who are also enemies. But yet come together at long last. To try and make Scourge PS4 EU a better Campaign to be.

One brave soul who fly's the Blue Banner. With the Mighty Lion for its sigil. A High Elf. Who stands at about 5ft 8 inches high. Standing Proudly for her alliance.

This High Elf, a newly recruit who Serves Daggerfall. Has tall, pointed gorgeous Elven Ears, golden eyes, bright as the stars themselves. She has gourges. 3 golden Warpaint on each cheek and 1 golden Warpaint on her chin.

Her hair is short in front. But very long and braided at back. Whose auborn hair sways back and fourth. Every time she runs. She wears medium and heavy Nord Armor.

This High Elf Name is High Priestess Emily. She is a healer mage. Who heals the wounded in Scourge. With her trusty Healing staff and skills.

High Priestess Emily is very quite and shy. However she concentrates on her job. Even more so when she is needed most.
She is High spirited and cheerful though.

Now let's go the other Brave Soul. For a bit.

The second brave soul. Who used to fly the blue banner. For 1 year. But had switched due to unforeseen circumstances. This brave soul. Used to fight for Daggerfall. Alas no more.

This brave soul. Now fly's the Yellow banner. With the Mighty Eagle as her sigil. This brave soul. Is an Imperial Templar. Who stands 5ft 5 inches. With short bangs in front and long hair in back. Her hair is also auburn.

Her eyes is brown. Her very face is soft and child like. She has a dragon tattoo on her chest and arms. This brave soul had a very sad past as well. This Brave soul name is Princess Justine.

Princess Justine had a twin sister. When she was serving on Daggerfall. Princess Justine's twin Sister name was, Am I A Traitor. Whom used to serve Ebonheart. But no more.

Am I a Traitor was murdered. By an unknown assassin. When Princess Justine and Am I a Traitor met for the first and last time. In an undisclosed location in Scourge.

It all happened so fast. When Princess Justine turned around. Smiling that she had finally met her twin sister for the very first time in her life.

Princess Justine started to walk away. Then stop. Turned around as she watched in horror of a unknown Assassin who attacked her twin sister.

Princess Justine tried to rush to her twin sisters aid. But to no avail. It was to late. Am I A Traitor was barley alive. Nothing could be done. Except to ease her pain while Princess Justine swiflty stabbed her with Am I A Traitor's permission. Am I Traitor didn't survive.

To this very day. Princess Justine still remembers of what had happened on that very unfortunate and fateful day. Princess Justine still has nightmares.

Nightmares, That continue to hunt her. Every signal day. Nightmares that will follow, Princess Justine's footsteps. Where ever Princess Justine goes. Until. When Princess Justine. Finally can find that assassin and give Justice against that assassin. For her deceased Twin Sister. Am I A Traitor's murder.

Princess Justine vows to seek justice. It to, is also one of the reasons why she is now serving Aldmeri Dominion. Instead of Daggerfall.

You may wonder. What both High Priestess Emily and Princess Justine. Both have in common. Besides both served in Daggerfall. In there lifetime.

Come. You will find out soon enough. Even though. They are opposite alliances. Whom are considered enemies to each other.

But believe it or not. There very fates interline each other. Both have same goals and same dreams. They both want the very best for there alliances.

Daggerfall, Scourge

It was not a dark and stormy night. No in fact it was a gorgeous, most beautiful day. Clear sky's. Very little but welcome breeze. The very breeze that gently picked up High Priestess Emily's hair.
Swishing back and fourth.

All seem calm. Very peaceful. For High Priestess Emily. She was deep in thought. " Hmm, What should I do today? Should I go to Bruma to do some research on the Dremora? Maybe I Shou.."

High Priestess Emily lost her concentration. For there in front of her. Standing smartly. Smiling wickedly. Was her high ranking general. High Priestess Emily stand for attention.

"High Priestess Emily! As you may know you are a recruit for Daggerfall. Correct?" Her High Ranking Officer asked. Patiently. With deep but kinda calm voice.

High Priestess stood silently. But did a soft nod. "Good, For your lifetime mission is to recruit more Daggerfall soldiers to Scourge."

High Ranking General. Paused for a brief moment. Then continued. "We who are in Scourge. Whom serve Daggerfall proudly. Are in a very great disadvantage. Out there beyond our bases lies the enemy's territory."

"Our Enemy is formally known as Ebonheart Pact. However, as you may have known. Ebonheart is well... No longer Ebonheart. But now. They call themselves the Mighty Dragon instead. "

"Which I fully agree with them. Mind you. Nice name and all. A smart move for them by the way. Heck way better then The Mighty Lion whom we call ourselves. In honestly I wish we could just breath fire instead of roaring all the time. I mean..."

The High ranking general paused. Looked at High Priestess Emily. Then began to sweat. He began to stammer. "H.e..Heee. He is right behind me. King Emric. Isn't he?"

" Why Indeed" King Emric replied. With a very calm voice. "No matter I will ignore that this conversation never happened. I trust it won't happen again. Especially when I'm around? In any case we got and important matter to discuss"

King Emric continued. " As you may know that the Ebonheart has a very strong force that not only controls our keeps. But controls also. The whole vast lands of Scourge."

"Our reinforcements are diminishing rapidly. Everyone is giving up. Everyone is leaving including the Aldmeri Dominion. Who's name is now been change. They call themselves the Mighty Eagle. Which reminds me. We got a very special guest. Well a few to be expect. In honestly. Which I was actually surprised myself."

There was a knock. "You may enter" King Emric replied ***. But very pleased. For low and behold was the very Queen of The Mighty Eagle. Formaly named Aldmeri Dominion.

The Queen of The Aldmeri Dominion. Walked gracefully to King Emric and bowed. King Emric did like wise. Then King Emric smiled to see his ex Daggerfall soldier.

" I am so glad that you finally came at last. I was deeply disappointed of the very choice that you made. To leave Daggerfall . To join Aldmeri Dominion or the Mighty Eagle. As it is now called. However upsetting as it may seem."

I understand you greatly. Especially after what happened to your newly discovered Twin sister you had. After she was brutally attacked by an assassin. Even though were on opposing sides and considered as enemies now. I still give you my greatest sympathy. I wish you better days to come." King Emric finished

This unknown stranger that was with the Queen of Aldmeri. A tear started to weep down on her left cheek. Her very hand began to curl in a fist. Hold tightly for 5 seconds then hold her fist, on her chest next to her heart.

For she still remembers that painful day. When she was forced to end her dear sister life to end the pain and suffering that the assassin had wrought.

The Queen of The Aldmeri saw this also. But not word she said. Her thoughts were mysterious. What ever trace of thought. Was un detected.

However. High Priestess Emily saw this also. She became to admire this stranger. But yet. Some part longed for her. A sort she was not sure. But some reason she felt. That she grew attached to this stranger and enemy. She just couldn't put a finger on it.

Thus as High Priestess Emily. Began to study this stranger more. She just couldn't help. But feel sorry for her. Especially her very emotions. No matter how hard or painful it may seem. The stranger just love her sister so much so. That it ached High Priestess Emily very being and soul. For she never had a brother. Nor a sister before.

" Hey you! Yes you." High Priestess Emily exclaimed with a pure happy voice. "Cheer up. There is no reason to be crushed anymore. I know it hurts to say this. But the past is the past. What done is done."

The stranger looked up at High Priestess Emily. With a strong will and determination.

High Priestess continued with a smile on her face. As if she wanted to let the stranger feel better about herself.

"Cheer up. Every footsteps you make. Will be hard. At first. But as each day draws closer. Each night draws to an end. Just remember it will only get better. Believe it."

Look into your heart. Your very soul. Your twin sister will always be with you. No matter what. So please have faith. Don't ever get lost into despair. Despair that is so dark. It will consume you whole.

I don't want that to happen to you. Even though were considered enemy. Some way. Some how. I just don't know how to explain this honestly. But I am growing attached to you.

I don't understand this myself. But somehow with my help. I will be able to heal you. So please. Let me aid you. Let me heal your heart. Believe in me. Believe in the very person who believes in you. Let me aid your frustrating, aching heart. So what is your name? High Priestess Emily asked.

The stranger. Became cheerful to hear her enemy words. She to. Feels that she is somehow attached to this person also. What can she loose? For after listening to the strangers words. She truly believe she can finally move forward.

The stranger looked at the Queen as if to ask if it was alright. The Queen nodded gently as to confirm that everything will be alright. So the stranger moved forward and walked to her enemy.

The Stranger stopped. Almost face to face with her enemy. Then smiled. " Hi nice to meet you. My name is Princess Justine. As you may have known I was once served Daggerfall. But now Aldmeri instead"

"However" Princess Justine continued. " Your words spring true. For every footsteps that I take will become hard. But yet will no longer be. Like you have said. It will be full of pain. But as the days and nights go past. My very pain will lessen each day. Till my pain be no more."

Suddenly. High Priestess Emily. Came up to Princess Justine and gave her a big hug. Took Princess Justine by surprise. "Let me become your new sister. I will never replace your twin Sister. I don't want that at all. In honestly I never had a sister."

Even though. We are considered enemies. Even though we don't have same blood. Even though were not born in same family. It still needn't be so. Can we adopt each other? You know like adopted sisters? Pretty please." High Priestess Emily asked softly. Hoping. Wishing that it be so.

Princess Justine. Began to proceed. By hugging High Priestess Emily. With a tear in her left eye. Streaming down. Thinking of her adoptive father, You Scream First Than I. Had once said. Long ago. These very same words that was spoken again by this High Priestess.

" Yes my Dear sister. I will be so happy to have you as my adoptive sister. Thank you for helping me. Princess Justine said joyfuly.

Suddenly. The very ground began to shake all around them. Both King Emric and Queen Ayrenn. Stood on high alert. Then a servant came up to the Queen. But low and behold. The servant became Razum-dar!

Razum-dar bowed to King Emric to show good faith because King Emric kept his promise to have a special meting in Daggerfall Base in Scourge.

Razum-dar than nodded to Princess Justine as if to say hello. However was caught short. By a loud crushing sound. "Razum-dar! State our situation. What is going on?" Queen Ayrenn asked in a hasty matter.

"Yes I would like to find out myself" King Emric replied with curiosity. Razum-dar stated with serious matters " Very well, straight to the point I see. The Mighty Dragon come to attack us. As you all would probably have guessed."

In other words we won't stand a chance. You Queen Aryenn has around 15 soldiers. Which used to be more I may add. However you King Emric has a lot less Soldiers than us Aldmeri.

Mighty Dragon Army keeps crushing us Aldmeri and Daggerfall. We need more reinforcements. Really bad. But on both of our sides. Everyone is loosing there will to fight Mighty Dragon. Both Aldmeri and Daggerfall is giving up in Scourge!

Yes Mighty Dragon is Superior and very strong force indeed. But we can't afford to loose any more Aldmeri and Daggerfall Soldiers in Scourge. We really need reinforcements bad.

No matter what. We need to make a plan. With the current forces we got. We are unable to push. We keep getting pushed back." Razum-dar stated factly.

Razum-dar continued. " So who will prevail? Who will heed this warning and to comeback in Scourge. Would it be Daggerfall or will it be Aldmeri? Who will lend aid to there faction and make there factions great once again in Scourge? Or would it be the Mighty Dragon forever. To claim the very vast lands of Scourge. Except for a few exceptions" Razum-dar replied strongly. As if he had a good point.

Razum-dar continued. " What say you Princess Justine, Whom once served Daggerfall. But now serve for our dear Queen Ayrenn. Due to unforeseen circumstances?

What say you High Priestess Emily, Whom you are new and currently Serving for your dear King Emric. Whom you choose to serve and your very glad to do so.

Whom will decide the fate for Aldmeri and Daggerfall. Would it still be the Mighty Dragons fate to decide for us. Or is it not our purpose. Our destiny? To claim and shape Scourge how we see fit. So would Scourge see. Daggerfall Reinforcements or would Scourge see Aldmeri Reinforcements.

What would it be children of Daggerfall, children of Aldmeri? Only you can choose and decide your very fate. The very fate of what you feel best. The very fate to try and reinforce your faction in Scourge on PS4 EU." Then Razum-dar left.

Both newly adoptive sisters. High Priestess Emily and Princess Justine smiled at one another.

"I wish your alliance well Princess Justine. May you have good luck on getting reinforcements for Aldmeri in Scourge" High Priestess Emily replied cheerfully.

Like wise. I to will wish you good luck dear sister. Hope all goes well for Daggerfall to get reinforcements in Scourge also. I ams So glad to get to know you High Priestess Emily. So very glad that we met and very thankful that you helped me. To also. We are now sisters which I am very pleased to state" Princess Justine replied with high spirited voice.

The End
Official PSN message. 4-18-18 (Copy/Paste) Hey Justin. It is ok. You can be so much more without the *(left name out). For me you are always a legend. Look for a job you want. You always write like a bard or poet so maybe you should write a book"

It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Shor, We shall wait; for my journey has only begun. Shor has ended as well as Yol, both hath gone short lived. Kaal and Laa alas are my new journey. Save for Laa replaced short lived Yol; The shortest campaign I've ever been. How many more campaigns must be renewed and delivered? No one knows, till the end. It's not the end, but only just the beginning. What do I mean by this? I don't really know honestly, I keep pondering this myself everyday.

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