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Campaign with Islands, Water, and Ships

I'd like a campaign with the keeps and resources on islands that you have to get to with sinkable ships. Think it would be too costly to lose a ship if sunk, you just land in the water, feed the slaughterfish, respawn, and relaunch your ship. Single player ships would be the weakest with multi-player/guild ships being the strongest. Siege equipment either placeable on the decks or permanently mounted.
  • Dral_Shady
    uhhh okay
  • Alphaa
    Pirates of the Caribbean online
    Play the Total War games from Rome 2 onwards for that style of combat, on this it would never work, it cant even deal with what we have lol
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  • Serjustin19
    There are actually ships in Cyrodiil. They are around Imperial City. But sadly these ships are already wreacked :(. It gives me hope that in future there will be ships in future. Since there is already wreckage of ships around Imperial City. Sadly in meantime it won't happen.
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  • bellanca6561n
    Galleon class ships have a role in Ultima Online in their High Seas expansion.

    On the PvE side you used them for the fishing quests - a rather involved game system there - or for PvE pirate hunting to get better ships. Players can crew and use the cannon - a several step process in order to fire them - against pirate vessels or against seaborne boss monsters. Some players will attack merchant shipping of course.

    For PvP it was a different story. Nobody got into ship to ship battles but almost everyone has a ship. They used them to store the power scrolls you get from Champion Spawns in Felucca (the PvP area) because, in UO, when you kill a player you can loot their body.

    Probably the best pirate ship MMO was Russell William's Pirates of the Burning Sea by Flying Labs Software in Seattle, I think. Great initial game design but balance issues plagued it.

    Of course, balance issues plague every online game. Mostly the game suffered from an Eve-like learning curve difficulty.
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