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Golden Vendor Items 2016-10-28

  • Velidreth's Helm - Infused (Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • Necklace of the Red Mountain - Robust
  • Senche's Necklace - Robust

History of Vendor Items
  • AGrz5585
    This is great... I missed the veil helm from last week, and it's one of the combos I didn't have. Finally can complete this set!
  • BenevolentBowd
    I wonder if there was a bug last week because there were double the offerings.
  • salmoncat33
    I wonder if there was a bug last week because there were double the offerings.
    MSchroeder wrote: »
    This past weekend (October 21st-23rd), Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden, the Rare Goods Vendor in Cyrodiil, had twice as many things on offer as she usually does: two different Monster Mask offerings, and four gold-quality Jewelry offerings.

    This was an error on our part; she was selling both that week’s wares, and the next week’s wares in addition. This means that this coming weekend (October 28th-30th), her wares will be back to normal – one monster mask head or shoulder piece, and two gold-quality jewelry offerings – and that those offerings will be repeats from last week.

    Yes it was a bug apparently.
  • andreasranasen
    Great, give these cookie cutter Stam people some monsters helms....
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  • Bandit1215
    So glad I was home last week end for that juicy impen medium veli.
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  • alexkdd99
    Bandit1215 wrote: »
    So glad I was home last week end for that juicy impen medium veli.

    This is this week also.
  • WhiteMage
    I think they should double the offers in the golden vendor every week.

    And under no circumstances should there be a 2-week-in-a-row repeat. (Maw of the Inferenal, Velidreth)
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  • GDOFWR420
    This is B.S. 2 weeks catering stam, WTF zos. Why dont you just remove magic builds so i can quite playing and move on, oh wait thats right most other games suck ***. Looks like ill be waiting till next week for somthing MAGICAL to happen. >:(
    Edited by GDOFWR420 on October 29, 2016 3:35AM
  • runagate
    AGrz5585 wrote: »
    This is great... I missed the veil helm from last week, and it's one of the combos I didn't have. Finally can complete this set!

    I didn't even miss it per se, I just completely forgot about it. w00t
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  • reesenorman
    Makes me wonder if they have unknowingly screwed up the rng for vMA and Undaunted chests.
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  • boundsy88
    Why cant the golden just be there permanently? And it should have BOTH the helm and shoulder of whatever monster set it is selling. with all the new monster sets thats another 1 week out of the 52 in the year wasted with the same set. do the math 28 sets x 2 for helm and shoulder combo, and even at one set piece a week u cant get everything within a year. i know sometimes they have 2 sets in the same week, but judging by this week only having 1 set, who knows how many times we will get 2.
  • raidentenshu_ESO
    Why are the helmets ALWAYS Infused and not Divines? The price is outrageous for a second class trait.
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  • Master_Kas
    More procs more fun.
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  • Calboy
    The vendor is useless now with all the sets available. For PvPers we have to pve to get what we want.
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  • DRXHarbinger
    Exact same as last week bar the selene helm....guess it's going to be stuck for 3 months until next patch.
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  • keoma01
    I feel like i'm being stabbed in the back. Pathetic.
  • Taleof2Cities
    Calboy wrote: »
    The vendor is useless now with all the sets available. For PvPers we have to pve to get what we want.

    If the vendor is useless what else are you going to spend AP on??
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  • Bobby_V_Rockit
    I love it, I didnt get veli last week cos I already had one, but then realised infused is better than well fitted so got it now. FTW!
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