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Greetings, traveller! Why don't you stop by and have a drink in the Friday Night Tavern?(PC, EU, AD)

Soul Shriven
The notice board in front of you is full of advertisements, notes, bounties, etc. One of these notes catches your attention, though the fact, that it smells and looks scorched.
It says:

Help Wanted!

The travelling tavern "Friday Night Tavern" is going to open it's "doors" for costumers soon!
If you're interested there are still open positions as:

- Bards
- Bartenders
- Waiters/Waitresses

You have a skill to offer that isn't listed above?
Maybe we can incorporate it into the concept!
All you have to do is ask.

You want to talk with me?
Usually you should find me roaming the cities of Auridon.

Best regards
Sahimi Nerevan

Maybe you should check that...

(If enough interest is out there, the first RP session will be the job interviews for the staff, if not, the project will be discontinued, news in further posts)
  • Suter1972
    OOC - what server?
    Was - Breton DC ( GIRL - Guy In Real Life toon) Magika Templar Healer/ 5-8 trait Crafter - currently CP290 and learning now starting again on xbox…...

    xbox suter1972 - Character name - Hota Woskeef

    Xbox EU ESO+ Mature (40+) UK casual gamer
  • Hunterkiller9475
    Soul Shriven
    look closely at the title, all info is in there.
    but it is on the EU megaserver on PC
    Edited by Hunterkiller9475 on October 5, 2016 11:27AM
  • Hunterkiller9475
    Soul Shriven
    Well then. Case closed, Project dead.
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