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5 piece Juliano 2 MolagKena set questions.

Pretty new to the game on my first character at level 176 so far. Getting a Julianoes suit made today hopefully and wondering if I should go heavy chest medium pants with light for the rest and light Molag Lena when I get it(hopefully) since the light MK has Magicka on it and that's what I'm after. Also should I run all divines or some infused on chest legs and helmet maybe? This is a pvp pve suit till I get more CP. Does MK heavy ever come in magica or is it always health?

I've been searching all over for what to do any help would be appreciated.
  • caeliusstarbreaker
    All armor can be enchanted to have whatever you want on it. If it's cyrodiil I would recommend using as much impen as you can.. Or 5 impen 2 whatever you want. 5-1-1 is good if you have your undaunted max leveled. I don't know your class, but I wouldn't recommend 5 juli 2 kena for any pvp build personally. With very few exceptions, those being a certain player certain play style, with plenty of experience. Id say you should probably try to farm up some more cp as well. It's rough out there.
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  • oTheTownDrunk
    High Elf dp sorc. Bunch of points into bastion to help my shields and focus on 100% up time on those so looking for high dps.
  • Tryxus
    Standard drops have Magicka enchants on Light Monster Helms, Stamina on Medium and HP on Heavy. However, you can make (or someone else can make) better glyphs and enchant the helmet with whatever you like (Heavy with HP -> Heavy with Magicka)

    For the most protection while wearing Light Armor, Chest should be Heavy and Legs Medium

    If you want to PvE, you should wear all 7 Armor pieces with Divines while using the Thief Mundus Stone, for higher Crit Chance
    If you want to PvP, at least 5 Armor Pieces should be Impenetrable (try to get 2k Crit Resist) and the other 2 either Impenetrable or Well Fitted

    Edit: personally, I wouldn't recommend Julianos in PvP
    Edited by Tryxus on October 27, 2016 12:38AM
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  • oTheTownDrunk
    Ok sounds like this should be my PvE suit then. Gonna go with MK head and shoulders light and julianos 5 piece with willpower arcane and all divine if possible.

    What is a good go to spec high elf suit for PvP these days?
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