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Request: Raffle/Lottery Addon

There is a solid guild that uses an addon to register gold deposits in their guild bank so they can include people in a raffle or lottery. I do something similar in my guild using manual mailing to register the names. Would be really nice to have an addon that can automate the process since we have more numbers than I expected. That guild wrote the addon name in the mass mail they sent but I could not find it. So is any out there? By the way we are not a trading guild, just a group of friends pumping money for RP prizes.

TL;DR: Would like to find an addon that registers gold deposits in the bank and link/store it with user names for monetary gaming purposes.
  • ForlornBeliever
    There's apparently one on PC but I agree. They should make one for console versions too. It would make it so much easier. Not sure how big guilds are able to keep track.
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  • ahill3780
    Esoui.com has an awesome raffle manager add on that is only for PC version that I can see. Really wish Bethesda/ZOS would implement this on consoles, would be a great tool for guilds.
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