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Just a fun magsorc tank build

First time posting, hello everyone!

I've had a ton of fun playing this build in PvP and PvE alike, and just figured I'd share. If you're interested in seeing it in action, I've got petabytes of videos to share fighting against everything from terrible soloists to elite groups (with varying degrees of success :P).

My stats are pretty terrible, and I'm okay with that... I feel like I learn more with a 'handicap' of low stats anyways.
It's still a flexible enough build that I'm usually able to survive by escaping / tanking until reinforcements come / picking off the right enemies... but I've ran into plenty of players/groups that I'm no match for solo :) (Don't reflect my overload! It hurts!)

Anyways, here's the build:
I'm using twice-born star and either elegant or VD, depending on what I'm doing. Though I just realized when I took this screenshot that I didn't switch my ring out correctly and have been running 4 elegant and 1 VD ring, woops :/

I'm fairly new to Cyrodiil but it's been a ton of fun so far! See you on the battlefield!

I'm compiling a video of all the failed gank attempts (while I was fishing) using this build. Most people see a fisherman and think it's an easy target :P
I'll update when I find time to edit it together... I just have way too many videos.
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  • Waffennacht
    PC or console? Just curious.

    I have just started tryin to tank. Also usin a sorc, more stam based though. Is that entropy I see on your bar? Jusr curious what you're runnin it for?

    Personally I also run H ward and dampen magic, but I don't slot em on the same bar, back bar dampen, front bar H ward.

    My tank atm:
    x5 Tava's Favor
    x3 potentates
    x2 willpower (weapons)
    x2 monster (can be kena/blood spawn, guardian etc)

    Backbar DW: deadly cloak, hurricane, dampen magic, critical surge and shuffle ult: suppression field
    Fron bar SnB: Heroic Slash, Pierce Armor, H Ward, Dark Conversion, Caltrops ult: war horn

    This is pure PvE and invloves no blocking lol (i need to learn how to block more efficiently) and keeps a decent amount of damage via AoEs.

    I also need to learn what exactly a tank does outside of making enemies not aim towards your buddies lol.

    Thanks for your post! I would like a bit of an explanation of some of your moves.
    Gamer tag: ShenronNacht NA Xbox One
    1100+ CP
    Battleground PvP'er
    Shepherd of Rot - Stamina Necromancer BG Archer - No Gank
  • nlevesque3
    Both console and PC
    and I don't really have moves haha I just kinda run around and see what happens
    Edited by nlevesque3 on September 21, 2016 2:37AM
  • niklavek
    My build's actually really similar! I'm running skooma smuggler though so I can zip out quickly if needed :)
  • Malamar1229
    Theres a crafted set in Imperial City that grants you insane resistances when you use an armor ability (dampen magicka). I ran this tanky sorc build for a few weeks pre DB and it was fun.
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