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House Fevula - Vampire RP guild is looking for members

Soul Shriven

Relish this new life I have given you. Feed and grow powerful. Find others of our kind. Form families. Bring new children into the fold!"
-- Lamae Bal

Torches flicker, painting the moonless night with unsteady patches of reddish-yellow light and deep shadows.
A pale Dunmer with long black hair in dark red leathers moves resolutely through the village, leaving pamphlets tacked to boards
and trees. The paper reads:

Children of Lamae Bal! Hear her advise! Prey and mongrels alike will inflict scorn upon us, indeed. But in their own

It is nothing but truth that our hunger marks us as other, as different. And thus we seek a life of loneliness, of
solitary confinement. We try to hide among the pray, adapt to communities that shun us.

Let me say: This must not be so! Let us band together, to create a unified front.

We are nothing like the chattel, who breed and live their dull lives. Their sharpest minds are no match for us!

We are nothing like the mongrels, who bark at the moon and bask in their strength. Show them that mind can better
bestial force!

Do not skulk in the shadows, do not hide in the dark. Outwit those wielding silver and fire, bleed them unto death!

We are the Children of Mother Lamae! We are the predators who cull the herd, who weed out the weak!

Let us band together. Let us feed. Let us embrace our gift, bestowed by the Blood Matron herself.

I welcome you all into the folds of our community, my House. I will grant the gift unto others, as it was granted to me.

Your Matron

Nadene Fevula
Daughter of Lamae Bal

((TL;DR: really? OOC: Vampire based and structured guild is looking for members for light to serious RP, PvE. For details, please contact
@Nomadify on the EU Megaserver. Main playing times are Central European evenings, 7pm to midnight. Fangs can be
provided, but are not mandatory. Expect RP events, sillyness, poisons and potions. No ERP.))
  • Neckrend
    As far as I can understand, non-vampires are welcome too. I must give this some thought, as I do not want to mingle with memories of my former, lesser, self.
    "May the Night Mother wrap you in her cold, loving embrace."

    Neckrend - Vampire Nightblade

    One soul, one life, no multiple personality disorder.
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