Looking for trialguild

Im on PC/EU and looking for a mature and relaxed trial raidguild. I have been doing mostly PvP and occasional dungeon runs now and then. I now want to start doing trials. Any guild out there that welcomes trialnewbies? If u do, send me a message here. Im full CP and played this game regularly around a year.
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  • MipMip
    Hi Glamdring! Check out alitheso.com, we do trials at different levels of experience, and have many other PvE and PvP events and fun social events (such as our naked horse races :) )
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  • Zunkis
    hi u just described our guild =)
    friendly active layback doing pledges every day trials every weekends ....=)

    Come visit us at glorytothebrave.shivtr.com

    or give us a whisp

    Welcome =)

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