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Returning player, looking for an active guild

If you are interested in having me in, please post a short discription of your guild focus. Thanks!
  • MipMip
    Hi! Alith has many PvE and PvP events (at various levels of skills) and fun social events (like our naked horse races :) ), TS, an active forum and even our own podcast - if this sounds interesting, check out :)
    NA-PC @myppp - Dracarys / Flame
    EU-PC @mippp - Slack Squad

    'My only complaint about ball groups is that there isn't enough of them. Moar Balls.'
    - Vilestride

    Mip / Myp Magnolia - Warden
    Mip / Myp Mamba - Templar
    Mip / Myp Malicia - NB

    and many other Mip and Myp characters AD / DC / EP
  • rousslanmonahovneb18_ESO
    Sure man, Ima check you out. Thanks!
  • Zunkis
    Hi we are a mature Friendly guild small family feeling. We do pledges every day trials every weekend and some cyro-events aswell
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