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How to Buy crown for ESO DLC megapack from different Region.

Hello everyone. Need to buy crowns from crown store. having some trouble. My Primary PSN Plus account is in Reg1(US), I also have a secondary PSN account in Reg2(UK). Just need to be sure, If I buy crowns from UK PS store using my Reg2(UK) account to buy the 4 DLC-Megapack, Can I also have access of this DLC using My Reg1(US) PSN account in my same PS4? Please note, unfortunately my ESOTU disk is UK Reg2.
  • outsideworld76
    I believe dlc's are bound to one account only.
  • khandakar.faisal
    I believe dlc's are bound to one account only.

    Many thank you for the reply. Can ESO support help me on this?
  • ZOS_DaryaK
    Because the crowns are purchased from PlayStation, this is a question you should ask PlayStation support.
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  • Rittings
    Sony do not migrate accounts, and UK Sony (PAL) and US Sony (NTSC) do not work together, it seems...

    I'm a UK citizen that lives in the United States - but still plays on my UK PSN... I have to have a US PS+ account to access online content (like the OP obviously has to do)... I purchase my ESO+ on my UK side, and have to use paypal since it doesn't take United States credit or debit card information.

    Its a whole heap of mess... All because Sony live in the dark ages.
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