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[DLC IDEA] DLC for Mages - The College of Winterhold

Soul Shriven
Hi all,
Take what you will from this article, because I think it is a somewhat interesting idea.
Something I have noticed about the DLC for ESO is that a lot of it is based around assassins - The Theives Guild and Dark Brotherhood DLCs both cater mainly to assassin players. My idea to provide more content for mage characters is to make a DLC where players can travel to Winterhold and the College, with a questline built along the college as well as new mage spells that are given from the College questline.

I know this is an underdeveloped idea, but I would love to get feedback and potentially make this a reality
Thanks for reading
  • AzraelKrieg
    Only reason why Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood have been released is because they were heavily requested since beta as they weren't included in the base game much to the annoyance of every Elder Scrolls fan. Adding Winterhold would be a good idea. Might be able to build it around the spellcrafting function that has been discussed previously
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