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Looking for a guild - Returning player

Soul Shriven
Hi, I'm looking for a friendly (english speaking) guild that has active players willing to help me level a couple of characters to get up to the end game content. I dont intend to do that much PvP but will give it a go eventually.

A little bit about me;

Hi, my name is Luke, I'm 26 y/o and live in the UK. I'm very shy and can sometimes not appear online or talk to people for a few days, but this is due to personal reasons, which as time goes on I hope to work on. I currently try to play pretty much all day every, but come September I will be reducing my hours as I'll be starting University.

I currently have one character with AD at level 25ish, although I'm waiting for species change in the next update before I go any further. I also have a DC character that I am levelling to be a crafting toon (I'm looking for some help getting a bunch of skill points from skyshards). I also intend on making a Dunmer DK (unknown faction atm) that I want to turn vamp. And also want to cread a Sorc but dont really have plans for that character yet.

As I said at the beginning Im really looking for people that are willing to help me level (give tips, taking me through some content etc.).

Luke :)
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