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Kapow Dangerous are looking for members! PvE guild dedicated to TRIALS

Soul Shriven
Kapow Dangerous are looking for members! PvE guild dedicated to TRIALS, with an event everyday at 19:30. No need to be hardcore, join the event when YOU can. With enough members and the point scoring ranking system it will be easy to join a Trial, Signup now at

Kapow Dangerous is a PvE guild with the main focus being trials. Everyday at 19:30 we set of for a new challange, with a rotation system of all four available trials. Our goal is to make it easy to join and play when YOU can, with enough members and the guilds ranking system you can jump in when you feel like it.
Ranking System
We have 21 ranks in the guilds with a calculated points scoring systems. Every trial run you join you get 2 points and additional 2 points (sometimes 4) for each boss in the trial, after collecting 40 points you gain a rank. when you hit the highest rank of General you will gain the opportunity to become Warlord. (you can request or be requested earlier to become Warlord if the role suits you)
-- You wear the Crown
When the trial is all singed up and ready to go the player with the highest rank becomes the group leader, this makes every member a big part of the guild and advance his/her skill of leadership. If a Warlord joins the trial he/she will always be leader.
  • Syrani
    I am very interested in joining, and I have applied on the website. Feel free to contact me in game @Raelin if you like.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Wyrn
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, interested to join. Hit me in game @wy-rn
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