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Looking for a guild :)

Soul Shriven
Hey ladies and gents, I am fairly new to eso and am looking to join an active guild. I play on ps on the EU server currently as a templar, and ta be honest dont really know what that heck I'm doing haha. Just looking for a fun, friendly and laid back guild to be part of. If any of yous will have me feel free to add me in game or reply here. My in game name is branagh91 :).

  • niawrathb16_ESO
    Hey Branagh, I presume you mean Playstation EU server and it no being a typo, then you should look in the Playstation forum if you mean the PC/MAc server then The REapers would be delighted to have you we are a bit of a mixture when it come to events, PVP, dungeons trials questing and social events just for the fun of it. We also have a strong crafting element if you want help levelling your own otherwise you can request gear from our crafting officers if you are interested register on our website
    May you have keen eyes and sharp scythes

    Morrigan Duskhunter
    Aldmeri Dominion - Sorcerer

    The Reapers Guild - PC/Mac - EU - AD
    The Reapers Guild are recruiting! We run regular events from Motif Gathering to PvP. We run weekly N. Trials and achievement earning events. We have a website we require you to join us on and a Guild Hall with Transmute and Crafting Stations. We also have TS and Crafting Officers. We are a community we love to help so any experience is welcome. We are looking for people who join in! Jump in a group tag along to an event or play and chill in guild chat or on our Teamspeak channel. Really join in and get chub in our fishing events! Get "welcomed to the asylum" by whispering me
  • MipMip
    Hi Branagh - if you mean PC, check out
    If you are looking for a for a fun, friendly and laid back guild we could be the right guild for you - we have many PvE events at various levels, PvP events, fun social events (like for example our naked horse racing which just took place this week), an active forum and calendar, more than 450 members - so there is always something going on and someone around to ask for advice
    PC NA ∙ PC EU

    Current Guilds (main): Lagacy (raid leader) ∙ Very Balanced (BG event coordinator)
    Former Guilds (main): Dracarÿs ∙ Illusion ∙ Týr ∙ Unfriendly Fire

    'My only complaint about ball groups is that there aren't enough of them. Moar Balls.'
    - Vilestride
  • branagh91
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, thanks for the replies, that is a typo indeed, although I have a psn i play eso on pc ha! I will be sure to check out both guilds :smile:
  • Zunkis
    Hi we r recruiting if u still looking.
  • MysticWizDreamer
    Hi there,

    I think Mystics Guild fits like a glove for you!
    We tick all the boxes and can give you a place to call home :)

    Please look at our thread and visit the website for more info.

    CU soon,

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