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A Chronicle of One Tamriel

  • DaniAngione
    Enodoc wrote: »
    Yeah I thought that was odd too. They should have either introduced those characters earlier on in the storyline, or just used recurring characters that we already knew. Raz and Cariel in AD worked well, because we knew them both already.

    All things get better with Raz :)
  • Minno
    Ilsabet wrote: »
    Brings up a question of how all of those quests where one alliance is invading another alliance would go down if the alliances aren't supposed to be invading each other directly...

    But a good read. :)

    I'd imagine war during this universe is still plagued by lack of instant information. If the peace treaty was a signed, you can bet or will take a few months to travel and for commanders to cease operations.

    You will also have random bands of troops going AWOL in search of treasure or to take advantage of cyro. The land is still without an emperor, and with that comes power struggles from independent guilds trying to fight for their alliance.
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  • DaniAngione
    I didn't notice until now that my post was moved. :blush:

    Well, I guess it makes more sense here...
    The idea of posting it in general was exactly to reach the people that doesn't come here already, though xD as I meant it as my "official" "Welcome to One Tamriel" thread :wink:
  • notimetocare
    Fun read, but a truce of any kind is pretty lorebreaking.
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