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High Res Map Pins


After downloading the patch and dealing with the various issues from the launcher, servers etc and getting into the game, the map pins are now hideously large on my monitor. I spoke to a few other guildies who have the same issue and the only similarity we could find is all running 4k monitors. It doesn't matter what resolution the game is at (4k, 1440, 1080) the map pins remain ridiculously large to the point where I can only select a very small sliver of territory on Betnikh map because the wayshrines cover the rest.

Is this change intentional or have you screwed the pooch on this too?
The Legendary Nothing
  • Ashtaris
    Are you running the add-on Arch's Enhanced Map? If so, that could be the problem.
  • ElBiggus
    It happens regardless of addons. I suspect it's meant to be a fix for the previous "need a magnifying glass to see stuff" problems running it in 4K but it''s gone too far in the other direction, and the mouse pointer is still a tiny speck anyway.
  • Moloch1514
    I thought this was a fix, but I play on 4k TV at a TV distance (vs. a monitor just a few feet away). I was so happy to finally see those map markers lol!
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