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I Believe Greatly. That We All Should Give Praise To Your Allies and or Enemy's in PvP.

Even if it's a small praise. I greatly believe that wholly. I for one gave 2 praises today. However even though I wasn't going get a message back. But it kinda feels good. To show praise. Even if small and or once awhile.

The very first praise. Was the battle between AD and EP. While us AD attack EP keep and went inside. It was a very long battle. Both of our teams keep reviving each other and we all keep pushing each other. Us AD wanted to go in. EP wanted us out. Battle lasted around 15-20 minutes. I has so much fun. It was a blast. A pure delight doing this battle.

I wrote fo this EP. Whom I kinda know. We came across each other on peaceful terms at times. I said. "That was amazing fight! We all did good. Really fun". I really mean this also. I even saved the battle. That us AD and EP went battle against each other. Very awesome.

For the last praise I give. Is towards 2 DC Nightblades. They both hit really hard. Us team of 6 AD were unable do hardly any damage. Even though sometimes we were lucky. However. Those 2 very same Nightblades are so skilled. That they keep on destroying us 6 AD. Ober and over again. This kept on happening probaly for 1 hour. At most.

However I was able to write 1 DC. Since the players met tab on PS4. Players killed by. Was not updated. This is what I wrote.
"You 2 are really strong and are really good. Do very high damage and nice survivability. Very nice teamwork. You all did."

You see. Not once I ever got bad. I hardly get bad in Cyrodiil. Cyrodiil is so much fun. Even if we messed up. We still learn from our mistakes and move forward. We just keep practicing. Any how. Sorry for going little off topic. Just thought I should write it to. There is no reason to hate any one in PvP. Even if your allies or enemies alike. We are one and the same.

Thus we should give praise to others. No matter if how small or big and or how often. This shows that you care. And respect others. Including your enemies.
By giving out praise. Not only your helping yourself. Which feels good to me. But you also help that very person. To believe themselves. Even if they dought themselves. To help them practice more.

May they be enemy or allie. I 100% fully believe giving praise is the right thing to do. Only if you beleive also. In a word of note. I also want to give a defeniation about teabagging.

Teabaging: A person. Most likely an Enemy and or sometimes your allie. Usualy puts an imaginary short chair. On top of a dead person. Were ever tthat very person who does the teabagging see fit. However. Say an enemy for example. Try to sit on that imaginary short chair on top of deceased person. The very short chair. Punishes those who try to sit in the imaginary short chair.

They want to sit on that chair. But there is something prickly on that short imaginary chair. The enemy thus keep going up and down. Crouching as some will call it. But the Enemy is unable to. Enemy just keep trying and trying. Even until the player leaves. And or. The Enemy gave up. In result the Enemy just walks off and the imaginary short chair. Full of sharp prickles (needles) wins. Thus you shouldn't blame the "Enemy" who try to teabag you. As som would say. Just blame that darn imaginary short chair. :smiley:
Official PSN message. 4-18-18 (Copy/Paste) Hey Justin. It is ok. You can be so much more without the *(left name out). For me you are always a legend. Look for a job you want. You always write like a bard or poet so maybe you should write a book"

It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Shor, We shall wait; for my journey has only begun. Shor has ended as well as Yol, both hath gone short lived. Kaal and Laa alas are my new journey. Save for Laa replaced short lived Yol; The shortest campaign I've ever been. How many more campaigns must be renewed and delivered? No one knows, till the end. It's not the end, but only just the beginning. What do I mean by this? I don't really know honestly, I keep pondering this myself everyday.

  • DannyLV702
    I tbag for lulz
  • Alucardo
    Damn, even your signature has a lot of words
  • Vrathak
    Alucardo wrote: »
    Damn, even your signature has a lot of words

    hahahaha I was thinking the same!!! xd
  • Skinzz
    Anybody got a group? LFG, anybody? Hello?
  • newtinmpls
    I agree.

    Sometimes I'm so delighted by skill, I'm totally okay with having been smeared.
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