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fey-vetha'a - a brief introduction (Khajiit)

of Anequina
a simple healer and alchemist

"Elsweyr. It is a land of great contrast, a land of great beauty, of ancient culture and hidden secrets. This one knows of the dense forests of the deepest emerald-green to the south, and it pleases me to see them, for here is where father was born. This one also knows the great deserts of sand and rock and the vast grassland seas to the north. They too brighten my heart, for my mother was a cub here. The desert is... special. It is my home, my birthplace, quite some years ago now. Anequina, they once called it. Such a pretty name, yes?

"Perhaps fey-vetha’a might forget how many seasons have passed, or perhaps fey-vetha’a might not wish to remember! But this one does know that Masser was new and Secunda was waning. This one is apparently quite small for a Suthay-Raht, or so other Khajiit say… many times, and often.

"The nomadic way of life has been kind to this one, yes. For a long time, the small clan travelled from place to place, selling wares, trinkets, spices, sweetmeats and other small valuables... and trying to keep out of trouble, of course. Just like my mother, this one is particularly known for weaving, stitching and sewing using the finest materials and threads! A profitable life of sorts, dangerous often but interesting and deeply fascinating, always. The caravan has taken this one to many other beautiful and breath-taking lands. Good and bad memories of those lands, yes. Good and bad people too."

Slight of build, even thin and wiry-looking to some, and quite short. Light brown fur and light brown/yellow eyes. Often dressed in soft, simple clothing. Aside from some piercings above one eye, fey is rather nondescript and plain, although she calls it 'unassuming' and 'unfussy'.

A quietly spoken Khajiit, but fond of telling stories to young and old alike. Calm, patient and kindly, she is protective of her kin and respectful of other races. Although her curiosity has been tempered with age, she'll still pick your pocket if she is feeling particularly mischievous.

"When the moons were once again bright and the fire casted shadows across the camp, many stories were told, many tales were shared, food was eaten and Cat-Folk danced to drums and clapped paws. This one was most happy when we danced! Aah yes... fond memories indeed. Sadly, our caravans and merchants were always easy targets for robbers and those who do not like or trust Khajiit. It was a struggle sometimes. This one tended to wounds and treated the sick, for fey is no fighter, no fearsome warrior.

"It is most definitely true that nomadic life can be dangerous, eventful and short-lived if one is not careful. But this one is thankful, for fey still lives and has the chance to see more wonderous sights, taste the delicious food of other cultures, smell the wonderful smells of the sea, the woods, the grass, flowers and herbs… and all that really matters is that one is happy, content and safe, is it not?"

Known to follow the ways of Jone and Jode, but otherwise keeps her beliefs private. Nomadic life has bred an interest in the customs of other cultures. Abhors unnecessary killing. Disinterested in wars and the petty squabbles of those who hold power over others. Aged bones tell her to cease travel, but the curious mind overrules.

"It is said, by Khajiit much wiser and much cleverer than this one, that there is sometimes light in darkness, sometimes hope in times of need.

"When the terrible disease came, it took many, many lives in my homeland. It is said whole villages now lie empty. Families are no more. It is a great tragedy, a great sadness. My beloved Anequina... is so near, and yet so far away, for this one cannot return home yet. This one has been lucky, there is no doubt. But perhaps... perhaps fey can help? There are still many who become sick, and fey sees them, and hears them, as they scratch at throats and cough and splutter so. This one knows how to make potions and poultices, and perhaps mixed with a little bit of magick, the sufferers can be comforted? It is not much, and it is risky to fey - incredibly risky, stupid even! - but these are indeed dark times, and we desperately need a little bit of light, even if it is just a flickering flame......"

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'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
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    'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
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