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Help me with a vma build(MagSorc)

what build would be recommended for a mag sorc on vma im thinking of 5 Twice Born on my body all light, shoulder and helm be a monster set( Molag,Valkyn, Engine, or Nerien im not sure which one to use) and for weapons im not sure what to use all i know is that i want both bars to be staff(preferred) and jewelry being 3 willpower Arcane my race is a high elf and also what should my skills bars be.
Love being an Argonian Tank and Khajiit DPS
  • Decado
    With the current gear set up you mentioned your very limited so it would have to be
    5 TBS
    3 willpower (I prefer IA personally)
    2 Kena
    1 destro (dead set)
    1 resto (dead set and here because you wanted 2 staffs)
    I would advice going 5-1-1 for undaunted passives (5 light) to give extra stat boost,

    Baring in mind your duel staff i would set the bars up like-
    Bound aegis, crystal frag, force pulse/crushing shock(depending on morph you use) , hardened ward, inner light- shooting star

    Bound aegis, crit surge, healing ward, mages wrath, inner light- overload

    Bound aegis, crit surge, liquid lightening, hardened ward, inner light

    I'm not saying this is the best build
    For maelstrom and certainly could be tweaked however I believe this if a good starting place for people just starting out in maelstrom,

    Personally I don't use a resto anymore and I duel
    Wield back bar with only crit surge as a heal
    Good luck!
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  • Pepper8Jack
    Are you open to running dual destro? If so there are a lot of really solid builds out there for you.

    My current mSorc is running 5 TBS, 5 Elegant (on DW bar), 2 Nerieneth, and a sharpened inferno on front bat.

    As a sorc you'll definitely want either Nerieneth or Kena for your monster set. Personally I prefer Nerieneth for the lack of resource drain and extra health. You'll want all divines armor, and sharpened weapons.

    If you do decide on dual destro I advise using 1 inferno, 1 lightning.

    Inferno (Main): aegis, inner light, hardened ward, crushing shock (interrupt is too valuable on vma), c frags, meteor.

    Lightning (Back): aegis, harness magicka, crit surge, elemental blockade, liquid lightning, overload

    Overload: aegis, inner light, hardened ward, endless fury/wrath, dark exchange

    Hard part about this setup is the timing for the dots, but you should be able to keep up quite a bit of damage with this. Also, since your using TBS (with shadow and theif presumably) I would trade mages fury for rearming trap. It's more challenging to use, but it's a substantial increase in damage. Either way, this setup is pretty balanced for resource sustain, survivability, and damage, and should make maelstrom more manageable.
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