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RPing in MMOs: A Beginner's Guide [Video Introduction to Roleplay]

Hello fellow RPers! I have been hard at work for over a month collecting RP footage from various games in order to put together this general guide to MMO roleplaying! Please share with your friends, especially those who might be interested in checking out RP themselves!

For handy reference in-game, you can give them this link:

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  • Feynn
    @TheHumanFloyd, don't forget your other awesome series centred on ESO, at
    I have been giving that link to people in game who seemed to be curious about what the heck we might be doing... :smile:
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  • skraveth5647
    Soul Shriven
    Very nice video :) I will be watching each one as they come out to better understand RP a bit more. I'm sure more players RP without even thinking they do and this sheds some light on that.
  • Selique
    Excellent videos. Love the Scrollplay series as well!
    Falls-With-Grace ~ Shadowscale (Argonian Night Blade)
    Selique Lasra ~ Captain, Smuggler, Swashbuckler (Redguard Templar)
    Chases-Comets ~ Shellback Warrior (Argonian Dragon Knight)
    Slissix-Kir ~ Swamp Shaman (Argonian Sorcerer)
    Hail Sithis..
  • jircris11
    this is handy, good job ^^
    IGN: Ki'rah
    DC/AD faction/NA server.
  • TheHumanFloyd
    Thanks guys! Part I is up and Part II is on its way!

  • bloodenragedb14_ESO
    im hooked on this series, while i know most of the information presented, its presentd in a alluring way
  • TheHumanFloyd
  • TheHumanFloyd
    The guide is now complete!

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