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Stalwart Guard

Have been considering slotting Stalwart Guard on my Sorc Tank to provide Minor Force to the nearest dps, the 30% damage received seems negligible with Critical Surge heals and Dark Deal. Anyone have experience with running this skill?
  • Asmael
    Few things about Guard:
    • The beam sometimes bugs out, so don't rely too much on visual effects but check your skill bar
    • The damage you take from guarding someone is actually mitigated twice: it goes thru the person you guard's resists, then your own, so you don't actually take 30% of the damage but much less
    • The damage you receive from guarding can be blocked, so watch your stamina reserve
    • Protect those who can't use or have otherwise very limited access to Minor Force
    • Guard is amazing as an offtank to protect the main tank in situations where there is huge incoming damage (such as vWarrior's channeled swipes, or Rakkhat's gatling gun / kamehameha
    • If you have unlocked all the passives, enjoy the 10% magicka recovery
    • Has to be slotted on both bars, which is the main drawback

    Otherwise, yup, it's a pretty nice skill. If you're really worried about keeping someone alive, Guard's gonna do the job.
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    Thank you for the information! Never considered using that skill as an off tank to protect the main tank, that is a brilliant idea. I'll definitely be making room for this on my bars and see how it works out.
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