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Templar healing

What are the best skills for healing when playing as a resto templar?
  • LadyNalcarya
    From the resto staff?
    Healing springs, its basically your bread and butter aoe heal.
    Combat prayer, cause this extra dps buff is extremely valuable.
    Siphon spirit, for your magicka dds.

    In general, there are some other notable skills:
    Repentance, spear shards - pretty much self-explanatory. Who doesnt want free heals? And being able to restore stamina for teammates is one of the most awesome templar abilities.
    Breath of Life - also kinda obvious. A very strong emergency heal.
    Power of the light - that stamina morph of backlash. It might be tricky to keep up since its a stamina-based skill, but its usually worth it due to minor fracture/breach debuffs it gives (unless, of course, theres a stamplar giving this debuff).
    Purifying ritual - its an aoe hot that has a cleansing synergy, procs spell power cure and gives you a major healing buff.
    Channeled focus - free defence and extra magicka regen, helps you to survive and sustain.
    Solar Prison ulti - very nice damage mitigation and a powerful synergy.
    Mystic orbs from Undaunted skill line - for your magicka dds.
    Elemental drain from destro staff - also a very important skill for magicka dd's support.
    Agressive warhorn ultimate from alliance war skill line - an extremely awesome dps buff.

    And of course, you can mix and match those depending on the dungeon and group.
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  • IrishRoyalty1124
    Also rite of passage is a great ultimate for a healer and the only healing ultimate in the game, mutagen/rapid regeneration is another good resto staff skill.
  • Syrani
    Most templar healers do not use the healing ult. They instead slot nova and meteor. Nova is sometimes used in vet trials for the damage mitigation, and meteor is good for dungeons and also in trials when the damage mitigation of nova is not needed. During times of heavy damage (like the first boss' shield phase in vet Maw), the healer would drop nova on the boss and then heal their group with healing springs.

    The only place where I have used the healing ult (and the only thing I personally find it useful for) is that one boss in vet fungal grotto that saps everyone's resources down to nothing. The only reason I use it there is because I can still heal the whole group (once) even without magicka.
  • LadyNalcarya
    That boss usually dies fast though.
    And technically, for optimized group warhorn will give more cumulative dps than a shooting start from a healer. But for a low dps group, nova can be better. Because it gives damage + damage mitigation (you need to heal less so you can add a bit more dps with your puncturing sweeps and beam).
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