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Slavery and the shadowscale/dark brotherhood

Hi thanks for reading this thread, I have a few questions about those three things in the title.

First. Is it possible to be born into slavery and then join the shadow scale at an early age, say you were a slave from birth till the age of 6 then would you be able to join the shadow scales?

Second. What age are you meant to be to transfer from the shadow scale to the dark brotherhood?

  • Pegaferno
    Forgot to mention the theoretical Char was Argonian
  • Arshiya
    I guess shadowscales are picked at birth if I remember it correctly as they are born under certain sign.
    As to at what age, well I guess again that once shadowscale rigorous training is complete and you have served your time,
    Dont remember it much though might need to check the lorebooks again.
    I am well aware that there is no need to feed that often. I just want to. Amy.
    Otherwise I play on PC platform on EU.
  • Korah_Eaglecry
    Ive never heard of someone born into slavery joining the Shadowscale.. Everything Ive ever read or been told of the Shadowscale is that theyre chosen at birth. Its possible that it could happen as long as the child was of a young enough age that they could begin the extensive training. It would have to be a very rare, if not completely unheard of occurrence.
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  • WalksonGraves
    Shadowscales are chosen as eggs, there is no "joining".
  • Pegaferno
    Aaa alrighty, thanks for the responses
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