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Flawless vMSA (xb1)

So I am just wondering, is it just only me crashing MID veteran maelstrom arena like 3-4 times ? I mean how am i supposed to do it flawless if i get game crashes in like forever? (i have the same problems in dungeons)

I am curious if others have the same problem with sudden game crashes? (and i mean come on this is solo content and yes my internet is stable and not being the problem)

For me it is just super annoying and i lose motivation to play anything then relating to group content or solo content. mostly i go mats farming then because there it doesnt matter when I crash...
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  • DRXHarbinger
    It's just a gamble. I deconned and finished with 15/15 but no title.

    The next day...literally turned console on and straight through the portal, no quest, no repairs, no potions, 58mins later...flawless title.

    This was only last Monday, tried to do it since and cannot do it without deconning. Nothing has changed, no extra quests I am doing the exact same thing and it's booting me always mid fight on round 5, generally the 2nd and 3rd wave, had a funny one yesterday, frost Atro came over and went bonk...dashboard. Proper fluid action like it's ultimate.
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