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Frame Rate PS4 freezes up in battle

Soul Shriven
Zone load-in (especially Hew's Bane) was awful up until the last patch. I constantly experienced triple load screens in cities, environment not drawing in, etc. Since the last patch that has all gotten better, but now my fps during dungeons is dropping to zero. I'm running a Sorc with lighting and once we start the fight my frame rate locks up constantly and just drops to zero or 1.

I'm sure you get 100 of these per day, but I just putting it out there. The game is not breaking any ground in graphics and PS4 hardware is sufficient to run a game like this in 1080p. I'm not in Cyrodil with 500 people running around, I'm in a 4-person dungeon.

I also play The Division on the PS4, and the graphics are far beyond anything ESO renders, and I have no fps issues at all in those 4-person missions.
You've got to optimize your game.

I've got 30Mbps down / 5Mbps up. It's not my internet connection.
  • akl77
    Constant lag, freeze then crash past 3 days. Running Sanctum have to crash 4 times, and after each dungeon run have to re log in cos game bugged out, can't queue again or any other normal function. I'm playing at off peak hours too. My internet is fast as well. What's wrong with the server?
    PS4 pro NA
    Soul Shriven
    Yup last 3 days PVP has been unplayable. I crash as soon as i get near a fight and PVE isn't much better. I hope they sort this out ASAP
    Psycowhite_Nz Nord Dragonknight PS4 NA EP
  • akl77
    Still lag and freeze every minute of play today, can't wait for the maintenance this week, I usually hate maintenance though.
    PS4 pro NA
  • Kram8ion
    Yes it's very incosistent,
    I used to have times when pvp was unplayable when pop locked or busy like weekends
    for months which is understandable being Southern Hemisphere but now it's usually fine with big groups pop locked
    The worst kicking and lag I get now is very low pop in pvp even pve, and this has gone back and forward
    Also the last couple of weeks in pvp if I go near a small group ( less than5) of one alliance I lag badly or get kicked but the other alliance is fine to go up against , :* weird
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • outsideworld76
    ZOS doesn't care and isn't going to fix it. Just pay for ESO+ and buy some paint. A functional game is out of the question.
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