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Hist Mage

So, for those who know the lore FAR better than I, I am toying with the idea of making a Hist Mage, which I know would be an Argonian, but I'm not fully sure what class I should start with, gear type, and spells and such, I should take. Would love the imput of my fellow players.
  • AzraelKrieg
    For a Hist Mage I would think Templar would be a good class for it. Definitely light armour with a staff but that's about all I can think of. Skill wise there isn't much to go on for what a Hist Mage would use for offense when defending the hatching pools
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  • Baconlad
    Nah man...hist...go NB. Use destro/ resto and go full NB mage/ illusionist. Very fun. Ranged magplars are very difficult to pull off in solo pve/ pvp and group pve/ pvp. Magplars excel only at dark flare spam and sweeper builds
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