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Knockdown Move For Sorcerers

my templars have their javelin, my NB's use a bow so scatter shot (+morphs) works for one, the other just uses fear to get some breathing room or slow someone trying to roll them, my dk has the obsidian shard...

just wondering if there's a good knockdown move for sorcerers...currently I use crystal frags for getting folks off their feet (takes forever to channel and it's easy to dodge) and encase to slow them...I've started using destructive clench- but, I haven't really noticed it knocking down players, only npc's...

curious to hear what other sorcs use to knockdown enemy players...
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Best Answers

  • Waffennacht
    Nvm. You could use Dawnbreaker of smiting or fire rune morph
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  • dodgehopper_ESO
    Sorc has some really strong cc's. Crystal frag can knockback but its only worthwhile firing it when it procs, so if you need a good knockback use an appropriate weapon knockback.
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