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PVP campaign switching

Why does it cost gold or AP to switch my main campaign I have not been in a pvp campaign in months on my tank I go to switch the main to be able to run with a new guild and its asking for 100000 gold or ap this is got to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen . am I missing something here is this account bound or please explain why I am being charged to switch on a character I never pvp with
PS4 na server DC & EP Alliance
Champion point 646
Argonain templar healer, orc dragon knight tank, high elf sorcerer dps, kajiit knightblade dps , Stam Sorc pvp
  • Stoopid_Nwah
    Unfortunately you will have to pay the AP if you want it switched immediately. But honestly, you'd be better off setting it as a guest for now (which should be available to you if you haven't been in pvp) so you can enter right away; then you can just set it to home as the "join later when current campaign ends" option for free.
    Xbox NA Stoopid Nwah
    EP-main, Dunmer NB that switches between mag and stam every other day
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