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Live Stream and Crown Giveaway Monday

Time: 9-5pm EST
Where: twitch.tv/soloserenity


Monday's stream has changed from it's original plan. This Monday I decided we are going to touch upon One Tamriel again and focus on how this expansion/update is going change the game in ways you might not be aware of and why it is so massive and positive for ESO. Then we are going to lead in with some beginner's tips on how to get started and what you should focus on early as you level up. Finally we will go over my first "ECO Build" for beginners. An Eco Build is a build with a gear set you can craft that does not require lots of time needed for lots of research, it is simple to understand, and very effective.

I can't forget the best part. Of course we will do a free crown giveaway during the show as well :)

I want to thank all of my supporters so very much. The channel is growing very fast and I am feeling extremely blessed. I hope to see all your lovely faces Monday to share my excitement for One Tamriel and where ESO is heading in the future.

Dif-tor heh smusma friends.
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  • MidknightWolf
    Edited the original post because I forgot to add the most important part. Crown giveaway!
  • Smasherx74
    How do you give crowns away
    Master Debater
  • MidknightWolf
    I will give you a code that you use HERE.
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