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Pusy is a cat. A beaver is a big rat.

[name removed] organized the banning of 1 of my friends from Blackwaterblade after he ran from a duel. The word *** got my friend banned from the game. And pusy is a cat that runs away. [name removed' is an experienced gamer who is using Bethesda to get revenge for his own inferior play. I have reported a few players for outright cheating and nothing ever happened, but I guess some special people get to use the system to achieve their devious aims. Cheating is okay but using mild language is out of bounds!!!!

I would like to see a more transparent system for reporting players and a code of conduct that is easily accessed within the game. Cyrodiill is full of spies and people seeking any advantage they can get including getting people banned. Makes life hard for honest gamers.

Do I get banned now for using the P word? George Carlin had only 7 words that you can not say.

Edited to remove name.
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  • DocFrost72
    Assuming all of this is accurate (and first offense) it only annoys me for one reason. In theory, an individual was banned for language in an M rated game with profanity filter set on by default.

    That said, we're assuming a lot. Or at least, I am.
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  • ZOS_DaryaK
    This discussion has been closed because discussing disciplinary action is not permitted on these forums.

    Your friend can try to appeal his ban by submitting a ticket through the support portal.
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