Join me while we wait


Join me while we wait for servers as we talk about one tamriel and review eso live segment from 1 Tam!
  • Trublz
    Are servers down or what? Launcher says online but I can't login
    CP531 Air-eez Redguard DK DPS
    CP531 Hayd-eez Imperial DK Tank
    CP531 SomethinFishy Khajit NB DPS
    CP531 Heracl-eez Orc Sorc DPS
    CP531 Anark-eez Dark Elf DK DPS
    CP531 Herm-eez Breton Temp DPS
  • ZOS_DaryaK
    Please see this thread for updates regarding the current issue players are having logging into ESO. We're moving this discussion to Community Creations.
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