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I want to see you guys post a snapshot of your Armor Style Sets. I spend alot of time mix matching all the armor styles to create a theme, and vibe for my character. I want to see your creativity, come to life through ESO's style sets! Be sure to give a description of what style each piece of your armor is. {Posting mine soon}
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  • carljokl
    I wonder if there is a straightforward way to export pictures on the PS4? I can take screenshots but my PS4 seems to want to share them directly on social media rather than give me access to the image where I might be able to post it here.
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    Xargothius: Breton - JOAT / Magsorc | Orchid the Fair: Orismer - Crafter / Heavy Tank | Voneri Vox: Dunmer - Magplar Healer | Rexorgiana: Imperial - Temptress / Magblade
    Phirkius: Altmer - MagSorc | Rexorigus: Imperial - Med Tank / StamKnight | Sven Svedishchef: Nord - Provisioner / Stamplar | Finds-All-Fungi: Argonian - Alchemist/ Stamblade
    Emerald-Wild-Guard: Bosmer - Wyrd / StamSorc | Nates Datum Festi: Imperial - Light Tank / StamKnight | Magnolia Desert-Blossom: Redguard - 2 Handed Stamplar | Shadow-Softpaw: Khajiit - StamBlade
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  • Dark_Claw
    @carljokl one way of doing it is to download the PS messages app on your phone. After that message a friend with the pic linked (or create another account for this purpose), then simply go to your PS messages app and download the screenshot. You might want to create an Imgur profile so you can link the photos, though.
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