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ruins of mazzatun sucks

  • Icky
    I have a shield I got from normal Mazzatun.
  • Inhuman003
    Are you for real about ruins of mazzatun, because I've been out for a few weeks playing ESO because of my computer has been fried somehow but when I come back as a big disappointment. Please tell me that you're joking guys
  • John_1999
    after 70+ runs, one guy found a shield, ofc in a bad trait (training).... they drop at boss 3.

    the thing is, you have to grind flowers for potions, you have to grind mats, to craft armour, and you have to grind even more and even more and even more to upgrade that armour to legendary quality.

    damn we spend more time with grinding in this game, than enjoying the content.

    soon the nexrt dlc is out, and I still dont have the Amberplasm set (shield and sharpend sword). And in that next dlc, there are 30 new sets, and 17 new monster sets... OMG.
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