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[EU/PC] 1v1 Tournament. OPEN for everyone!

Hey guys!

The new and game-changing patch is soon upon us, so before the new era of ESO begins, we would like to invite EVERYONE to take part in the tournament and join us in celebrating this event! As the title says, the tournament is open to EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a newbie, a returning player or just.. You! You’re all very welcome to participate. The tournament is not hosted by a guild, it is hosted by players. So you do not need to be a member of a specific guild to take part. Neither is it affiliated with any guild. And we would appreciate if you could leave your hate for specific guilds out of this.

If you’re not into fighting and/or duelling, you can come and watch the fights with us! We would love to have you with us, even though you don’t want to directly take part! We want this to be a community event, and you can’t have a community event if only a handful people show up! Bring your friends, girlfriends, aunts, grannys and pets and join us! The only way to make this a killer-event(ha-ha, joke’s on me), is if as many as possible show up! The more the merrier :>

Table of Content
1) Rules. Mandatory read for everyone who want’s to participate.
2) Date/Time/Location
3) How to sign up & information to the participants
4) Information to the audience
5) General information
6) Information to Guilds and community-leaders

1) Rules
-No Malubeth/Stormknight set;
-No Viper + Velidreth COMBO
-No Champion Points change;
-No Poisons;
-No Immovable, Vitality or Detection potions;
-No Gear Change;
-No Skills Change;
-If using Shieldbreaker, no spams are allowed.
(We know that banning items/gear is risky, but we want to make the fights interesting, and not about who stacked the most damage).

- The fight will start when one of the judges uses Siege Shield.
- Ultimates used on the judges pre-fight.
- The judges’ decision is final. You can disagree, but it won’t change the decision.
- Major lags/weapon swap-bugs may occur. If it is a significant game-changer, the duel can be reset up to a total of two(2) times, if the fight hasn’t lasted longer than 3 minutes. Judges should be notified immediately if one of the fighters experience lag.
- Maximum duration of a fight(unless it’s the semis/final) 6 minutes.
- If the judges interfere with the fight(e.g. walks into the middle of the fight) the fight should end immediately.
- The 5k participation fee has to be mailed before your registration is complete.
- You are NOT allowed to change your skills, gear or CP during the tournament. You have to use the same set-up every fight.

2) Date/Time and Location
17th of September. 19.00 CET(Germany-time). Participants are expected to meet on site at least 10 minutes before the tournament begins. Location will be given on a later date. If you wan’t to help us balance out Spell Breaker or Haderus beforehand, let us know!

3) How to sign up and general information to the participants
Send the following requirements via mail to @ILoveCheese:
- Your skills description (both bars) that you will use in the tournament. (Also your overload bar).
- Mention THE FACTION of the character you're fighting with
- Put your NAME in the SUBJECT box
- Also attach 5000gold(5k) to the Mail as an entrance fee. The entrance fee in it’s entirety will go into the prize-pool.

4) Information to the audience
- You can under no circumstances interfere with the fight
- When the tournament has ended and a winner has been crowned: You are free to kill each other >:) So put on some hardcore music and join the mosh pit!
- Read section 6) if you want to help us out!
- Please don’t spam any flashy skills while watching the tournament, as this may cause unnecessary FPS-drops.

5) General information
- We will make sure that the tournament is streamed! This will be sorted out on a later date.

6) Information to Guild- and community leaders
As stated before, this tournament is open to EVERYONE. But it wouldn’t be a community event if not everyone was invited or informed about the tournament! Are you the leader of a guild or a known person within the community? I would LOVE to get in touch with you! Whisper me in-game, send me a message on the forums or reply to this thread. The more that knows about this, the better.

NBNB: If you have any questions, ask them here on the forums, or whisper @ILoveCheese or me ingame!
Note: This is an OPEN tournament, all inappropiate behaviour will either result in disqualification/exclusion from the tournament. Just put your disputes and disagreements aside!
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