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DD CP207 Looking for a Guild who can help with Quests and Delves (Especially Craglorn)

Soul Shriven
Hey Guys and Girls,

I'm currently on the lookout for a nice friendly guild who could possibly help with Quests and Delves, especially in Craglorn as I need to get some Nirnhoned stuff!! Also a guild who could possibly point me in helping make my DD hit like a tank.

In return, I'm level 50 in Alchemy, Woodcrafting, Blacksmithing, Clothing and am level 45 in Enchanting.

If you think I may be an advantage to your guild and think that you might be able to help me out, then please contact me. @darkkobra

Many thanks
  • MipMip
    Check out for a friendly social guild with more than 400 active members - we do dungeons, trials, PvP and social events (including naked cliff dives :) ), and of course you will also find people to join you in Craglorn
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