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Hi there, im new to the game. Could anyone explain me about the Campaings? i just joined the first one on the menu for Ebonehart but im not sure where it takes place and what I should do...
Will appreciate any tips and suggestions
  • NobleVulom
    Blackwater Blade campaign is for below level 50 people I would suggest making it home and starting there if you're new to the game :)
    @Noble.Vulom - PC / An Aussie on NA / cp600+

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    Ignatìus Dunmer Dragonknight (EP) DPS
    The Harvestér Altmer Nightblade (AD) PVP
    Viktor Nikiforov Altmer Sorcerer (EP) DPS
    The Effulgence Argonian Templar (AD) PVP
    Sorcit Altmer Sorcerer (DC) PVP
    Midorima Altmer Warden (DC) DPS
  • QuantumPie
    Currently the most important campaigns on the Americans are Blackwater Blade, Azura's Star, Trueflame and Haderus.

    Blackwater Blade: lasts for 7 days, you can't use champion points and only people less then level 50 can join. Because of that it gives you a more fair advantage.

    Azura's Star: lasts for 30 days, you can't use champion points but all levels can join. If you want a more active campaign then BwB but still don't want to have to worry about champion points then this is another good choice.

    Trueflame lasts for 30 days, all levels can join and champion points can be used. This is currently the most active campaign with the most players.

    Haderus: As far as I am aware Haderus is not the best campaign since it has horrible faction balancing. The reason I mention it is because it is one of the campaigns that has special rule sets.

    Out of all of the campaigns, you can set one home and one guest. Your home campaign lets you slowly earn credit for an end of the campaign reward. This has 3 tiers and can include gear and gold. Your guest campaign lets you have a second one. In this case you could set your home to BwB and your guest to TF.

    The basics of how PvP works is the 3 alliances fight 24/7 over keeps, castles, farms and Elder Scrolls. By taking or re-taking these objectives you earn potential points for your alliance. After a certain amount of time the potential points are added to your alliances official score. At the end of the 7 or 30 days, the alliance with the highest score wins and gets rarer rewards.
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