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Precise Resto staff VS Powered resto staff for trails and 4 man dungeons, which is better?

Powered = more healing
Precise better chance for crit heals.

Which is better for 4 man dungeons and 12 man trails?

I have the maelstrom resto in powered and precise. What in your opinion is better?

Normally I think on MSA staff precise is better but powered 7% healing is very nice in theory.
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  • Erasure
    The difference between those options would not be large enough to change who lives and dies as a result of your healing. Precise strikes would be somewhat better if you are also contributing damage from dots or other attacks on your restoration bar.

    I haven't checked the math lately, I believe powered has a bit of an edge if your only goal is higher average heal rate.
  • Silver_Strider
    I find Powered to be only useful in PvP.
    A Restostaff in PvP is used almost exclusively to keep yourself alive so if it fails to do that, what's the point?
    Nirnhoned might have a spot in that department too because it gives you a higher spell damage rating and helps with damage but since you're only ever getting a Nirn staff as a trial reward, often times, you aren't going to get a nirn staff for the set you're running.

    Of the 2, Precise is better merely because it helps your damage more and that's very important in a trial setting.
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  • vyndral13preub18_ESO
    You are really going to need to change your name... Or are you the rare 2handed healer :p
  • Minute_Waltz
    Precise, you can heal as good as powered and do better dps at same time. Personally I use a sharpenend for J beaming and jabbing stuff while keeping up with heals
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