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Normal Mode Cradle of Shadows

What's the chance of the monster helm dropping at the end, if any?
  • Woeler
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  • Pandorii
    On console, I'd say like 10 percent chance.
    PS4 NA Gamertag: MsPandorii
  • Curragraigue
    There were a few threads suggesting a very low drop rate for the helm in blue for normal Cradle of Shadows at around launch for both PC and console. It didn't drop for me on normal so I can't confirm it.
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  • Pandorii
    On console, I got velidreth helm yesterday. It was purple w/prosperous (har har).
    PS4 NA Gamertag: MsPandorii
  • redspecter23
    I'd say about 10% from what I've seen so far. On normal, it drops as purple all the times I've seen it.
  • emsuperman24
    Thanks for all the answers guys! I can confirm that it does drop on normal now as I saw it drop for a team mate last night. I'm still 0/7, but I will update when the rng gods find it appropriate to let me get one.
  • susmitds
    I got 2 blue drops in 25 runs. One Training light, and another Well-fitted medium which I was looking for.
  • Nebthet78
    I would say it is about a 25% chance for 1 member of your party to receive the Monster helm from the Normal Dungeon. This is where I received all of my new Monster helms on PC/NA, so I can confirm that it does indeed drop on Normal for PC users at least and I would hope to heck they allowed the same on Console to make it fair for you guys.

    They also dropped in Purple when I received them.

    The Vet version has a higher chance, like 80% for at least 2 or more people of your party to receive a helm.
    Hard Mode apparently gives a 100% chance at drop.

    Oh, they can also be traded to the members in your party.

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  • Ghettokid
    I did my first cradle of shadows run today. It was normal mode and I got purple divines velidreth mask. So for me chance to get them so far is 100% ;)
  • emsuperman24
    Ghettokid Congrats man!

    yea 0/12 on the normal runs

    1/2 on vet runs. Medium Divines and luckily a team mate on the second run gave me the heavy one that I so desired. It was in sturdy but beggars can't be choosers.
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