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LF A Social AD Guild

I am currently seeking a friendly small/medium AD guild that is very active. I usually play alone so I'd like to start doing dungeons and in the future trials. Just please no elitist..

PSN - OsckolarO
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  • Ralpko
    Hi mate, what's your alliance? If you are in Aldmeri you could check us out
  • Ralpko
    Ralpko wrote: »
    Hi mate, what's your alliance? If you are in Aldmeri you could check us out

    lol I just read the AD, thing, we might just be perfect for you... I'll invite you asap.
  • Gracous
    We are Shadows of Eternal Night. We are everything that you described what you wanted in a guild and more. We are AD alliance. If you are interested in chatting with us to see what we are like then you can message Mercedes180 (guild master).
    Jamchurch3 (guild officer), Arcbow29 (guild officer) or myself (thoatin) guild lackey. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. The other option is to join our guild right away and then get a feel for who we are.
    We help people as much as we can in all aspects of the game (leveling, crafting, gear acquisition, trails, achievements and so on). I hope that you will consider us as one of your choices. Look forward to hearing from you.


    We are a multi-game PS4 guild that has been playing together for a year now; click the links below for additional information & the games we play.

    Our Multi-Faction Trading Guild, based in Aldmeri Dominion, currently has room for Active Traders! We do get full from time to time but we consistently purge inactives players to make room for active ones. Send me a PM on PS4 if you would like to join the fun and make a lot of GOLD.

    About our ESO guild:

    Happy Gaming!
    The Dollar Tree Guild

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