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[PC][EU][EP][Discord] New Citadel

Soul Shriven
Alliance:The Ebonheart Pact
Bosses of the gym:@wafflewraplgd, @Durengo, @Onslaugh. We're also known as The Batshit Crazy Asian, The Lore Master and The-guy-who-is-pissed-about-****-lore.
Guild Focus: Social, PvE/Trials, PvP and also some RP (that gets out of hand, if you know what I mean...)
VoIP: Discord, not required but highly recommended for the dankest memes.
Main Timezone: Currently EET – Eastern European Time, might change to BST soon.
Cyrodiil Campaign: Main Campaign is Ebony Blade(Home), Secondary is Azura's Star(Guest).
Member Count: 60 people. Currently Average 15 active people.

We aim mostly to have a really awesome community that helps out each other and to have a good time, sure we might say something cringy or very stupid but everyone knows it's just a joke. Our real goal is to maybe one day end up on the top of the leaderboards, be it PvP or Trials.

*Weekly Event Schedule*
Mondays: TBA
Tuesdays: TBA
Wensdays: TBA
Thursdays: TBA
Fridays: Fishing; Real Talk With The Pros(RTWTP) - "Mentoring" or Q&A about anything, regarding game mechanics, trading, crafting etc.
Saturdays: Trials
Sundays: Cyrodiil/Imperial City

*Glorious Tales About New Citadel*
Our first Trial!
That's kinda it... I know this ain't much but there are many more to come I promise!

We want 17+ year old members, that GET jokes and won't leave after somebody saying something racist or other... Please understand that it's all about having fun, that's what makes a good community. Overall most of our guild members are already enjoying end-game content, even so we want new players too! We're willing to help you out in any way you need! We're also in lack of some PvP focused people.

Also one of the Bosses said he really wants some female players, so please don't be shy :3

Contact me through the forums or send a mail to me or other Bosses in-game @Durengo, @wafflewraplgd, @Onslaugh
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  • Qbiken
    Hi, been playing the game for just more than a year. Haven´t done any vettrials (but really eager to learn and starting doing some). Gamertag: @Qbiken . I´m CP501+. Try to be active everyday but sometime life happens ;). Would really like to join.
  • Durengo
    Soul Shriven
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