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Delli the Daedroth, a book for children

I created a children's book, inspired by a guild mate. It uses a combination of screenshots and one hand drawing done by another guild mate.

Delli the Daedroth

Delli the Daedroth adored flowers.
He liked them very much.
He liked ironthread and spidersilk.
He liked cotton and flax and ebonthread too.

Delli the Daedroth liked jute the best.
The flowers were orange and shiny.
They smelled tangy and reminded him of sunshine and puppies.


The other daedroth didn’t think of flowers at all.
They stomped and burned every plant that happened to be in the way.


One day, Delli was looking at a pretty patch of three jute waving in the breeze.
He had carefully planted them next to a path for everyone to enjoy.

Another daedroth, by the name of Arturo, lumbered down the path.
He rubbed his big belly and grumbled to himself as he walked along, looking neither left nor right.

Delli ducked behind a tree.


Roar, roar, ROAR!
Big belching flame breath washed over one flower.
Two jute were left.


Stomp, stomp, STOMP!
Scaly deadroth feet trampled on a flower.
One jute was left.


Woosh, woosh, WOOSH!
A heavy daedroth tail swiped the last jute out of the ground.
There were no flowers left.


After Arturo disappeared around a bend in the path, Delli bent down and gathered up the broken jute.

He held the sorry looking bundle in one hand and straightened his beret with his other hand.

As he looked at the burnt, flattened and bent jute, Delli thought and thought.


Delli twirled his mustache and wondered how to keep his other jute from ending up like this.
He decided that Arturo hadn’t even seen the jute.
Surely, if he had, he would not have roared and stomped and swiped his tail.

Delli spent the whole next day making signs.
The first sign said “Jute Garden.”
The next sign said “No roaring, stomping or tail wooshing, please.”

Delli planted new jute flowers next to the path and pushed his signs into the ground.
And then he waited, and waited and waited for another daedroth to walk down the path.

At last, Arturo came stomping down the path, breathing fire and swiping his tail from side to side.

Roar, roar, ROAR!
Stomp, stomp, STOMP!
Woosh, woosh, WOOSH!


And then … Arturo saw the first sign and raised his eyebrows.
This caused his monocle to drop from his eye, dangling from a fell hide strap attached to a button on his vest.
“A jute garden?”

Arturo saw the next sign and scratched his chin.
“No roaring, stomping, or tail wooshing?” he mumbled.

Finally, Arturo looked down at the jute flowers.
He bent closer and squinted his eyes.
He leaned over, balancing on his cane, and took a little sniff.


And he SMILED!

Arturo actually smiled.

“A jute garden, indeed,” he said as he carefully continued down the path.

Delli the Daedroth smiled too, and decided to plant some more jute.


The End

Story by ValoAven, inspired by psychodellix
hand drawing by my guildmate, wyrden

Edited by ValoAven on April 25, 2016 2:25PM
  • Rilves
    What a good read. Well done :)
  • Panth141
    This may be the best first post I have ever seen... that drawing is fantastic!
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  • ZOS_DaryaK
    I absolutely love the image of daedroth wearing monocles and berets! This was also a lovely little story. Very nicely done, ValoEvan
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  • Valen_Byte
    Love it GG : ))
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  • ValoAven
    I made this little story into an actual book using a scrapbooking website so I could send a copy to the person who inspired the story.


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    Edited by [Deleted User] on August 8, 2016 6:49PM
  • itehache
    Haha this was cool!!

  • Lariana
    This makes me smile everytime I read it :)
    Not even daedra have two left feet!
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