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Looking for Active Adult Guild PS4

Soul Shriven
Looking for a good group of guys and gals to pay with...Anything from the casual trader to, grinding PvE, or the most hardcore PvP. I owned this game once before for the PS4 but my account was jeopardized, so not only was my PSNID banished, my ESO account was terminated...This was around the time user data was being stolen from consoles...anyways, when I saw the Dark Brotherhood was back, I picked up a copy at my local Best Buy for $20 bucks and once again, I am hooked.

I am a level 15 stam Bosmer Nightblade, AD, who games hardcore on my days off...looking to meet some good folks, who are mature, but know how to be immature and have a bit of a twisted sense of humor. add me on PS4 for casual play or send me an invite to your guild if you'd like me to try out. PSIN UofWahooshington...character's name is Piccard
  • Mozsta69
    hi Washington

    More than happy to add you and go on some adventures!
    Im both mature and immature as well !
  • valdis2
    Soul Shriven
    I'll group up any time I'm o m add me coldwhyms
  • electriicw0lf
    I'm level 33 I play on ps4 add me
    Two it's and a zero in wolf
  • ZOS_DaryaK
    We've moved this thread to the guild recruiting forum. :)
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