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Menedhyn Bek : character summary

Edited by menedhyn on May 1, 2017 11:16AM
HAJ-GEE | Argonian | Warden | Healer
'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
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  • altemriel
    I love the narrative
    Haishi Daikodarajen, Redguard, Stamina Dragonknight, CPs around 600, Damage dealer, Huntress of Hircine
    ** Her story (click here)**

    **Her image - click here**
    ""It's one thing to see your past from present memory. It is entirely another to step through the Dragon and be yourself remembering the present in the past as the future."
    - Karstine Zeterra (2E)

    Maoimii Da, Khajiit Magicka Nightblade, CPs around 600, master enchanter, damage dealer, elder vampire shade of death
    ** Her story (click here)**
    **Her image - click here**
    "May you walk on warm sands!


    PC, EU

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