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The Corrupted Stone - Quest Phasing

Soul Shriven
Craglorn - The Corrupted Stone: At some part in this Quest we have to step on 3 stones to open a door and progress the quest (Ruins of Kardala). 2 of our group have already done this part and the stones dont get activated from them-. Is there a way how we can do this quest for the other two in this setup?
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  • JosephChip
    As far as I know you need 3 people at the same stage in this quest. I was the 4th in a group doing this while I already had completed it. I wasn't able to interact with the triggers nor see the symbols light up above the door. Player who already have completed this part will be able to enter at any time but not open the door for others.
  • cromica81_ESO
    Wow that is ridiculous. The phasing in this game hurts the players more than it helps the mediocre story.
  • lindechene
    Seriously. This happend just now to me as well.
    Two people wanted to help out and tagged along. Two peple are on quest.

    And now this door will not open?

    Has not any developer thought about that maybe it may be quite difficult to actually find a group all consisting of people who have not done it yet?

    - - -

    If you implement roadblocks like this and force people to work together who have not done the quest without help of those who did it at least provide us with a more advanced dungeon search tool to easily find people who are on the same step of quests.

    This is now my third try on the same quest. Either people have to quite after first dungeon and now this....
  • davidhorstub17_ESO
    this is the second quest now im locked out of without having a group, have solo'd all the quests so far but keep getting cockblocked by these stupid door mechanics needing 4 people to open.
  • Working925
    an MMO that requires cooperation amongst random people... priceless
  • mrkaco_ESO
    Any update to this quest. Trying to help guild members complete this quest, but most of us have already completed it.
  • Siliconhobbit_ESO
    I'm on this quest atm with 3 others who DON'T have the quest (they already completed it) and I cannot progress past the stones. They can walk through the door normally.

    WHY would a quest be made this way?
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    Sinister Swarm
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  • Innocente
    This is a result of ZOS REMOVING the phase locks so that players not on the same phase of a quest can 'play together'. Unfortunately, like so many other Zenimax development moves, this one has introduced many, many unforeseen bugs and consequences.
  • Oldbushie
    I just got screwed over by this quest as well. WHY???? The only reason we're down to 2 is cuz one of our party members had to leave for some reason right before the dang door.
  • Natjur
    If you think that one is bad..... wait to you try Warriors Call part 5 (insideTomb's of the Na-Totambu) or the last quest "the missing guardian".
  • jlewis709b14_ESO
    its so hard to find 4 people that are at the same place in the quest line. let alone a healer, tank and dps. they need to make it so the dungeon is phased to the leaders quest log so everyone can do it. or just make it so anyone can open the door.
  • Qhival
    Working925 wrote: »
    an MMO that requires cooperation amongst random people... priceless

    This is beyond cooperation. You can't repeat the quest, and you can't help with the quest if you have already finished it or activated the doors, leaving people who have no problem cooperating or helping each-other unable to do so. This hurts casual players who get behind the curve. By the time they get to quests like these most people have already finished the quest, leaving them unable to ever find a group for the quest. Your comment contributes nothing and is borderline trolling. I am just now doing this quest, and come to find out I can't and likely wont ever be able to finish it unless the devs decide to remove the phasing.
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    -Archival -Templar, NA
  • nick59349b14_ESO
    Is there a way around this? This is rediculous!
  • nick59349b14_ESO
    I'm getting so sick of this crap. I prefer to play solo and with the crappy grouping that is pretty much the norm anyway. Then we are forced to do grouping in the only new content available. I don't have the words to show how disgusted I am with the way this game is progressing. Must be the MMO world I guess.
  • AshTal
    Take it still no update on this, oh well that looks like the story line is over for me.
  • antmck2011rwb17_ESO
    Just got to this one. Great can't complete it. Yet another quest I can't solo. Craglorn is dead - there are practically no one else in the whole zone now. Being forced to group when you can't find anyone is just great.
  • Asherons_Call
    Any updates on this? I just ran a Google search and came to this thread. I have only seen one other person running around in craglorn tonight. Not sure how to continue this quest.
  • Mastilicious
    Soul Shriven
    I'm guessing nothing changed since december ? I'm on this part of quest now and I can't find suitable people to go with.
  • alex394053
    OMG... almost 2 years passed. Stuck at it.
  • Arezius
    I'm stuck here too.

    Of course playing with other is always best in an MMO, but since it's so easy to do this quests alone this days with the champion system, there's no need to be a group just to activate a stone. And also, almost nobody's doing these quests anymore.

    Some quests can be done solo, since the timer allows one person to activate multiple things at once if you're quick. We need the same thing here and all will be alright ;)

    If anybody's interested, I'm on the EU server EP and would be glad to help 2 other players in the same situation :)
  • Autolycus
    Working925 wrote: »
    an MMO that requires cooperation amongst random people... priceless

    Sarcasm detected.

    Finding 3 people who are at the exact same point in a quest that is a year and a half old is not an easy thing to do. In fact, finding three people at the exact same point even a week after the content was released was incredibly difficult. We, the community, made quite the fuss about it back then, and many of the constraints were lifted, but clearly not all of them.

    The good news, which is purely speculation at this point, is that they may be inclined to address some of these issues that were missed (or simply not gotten to) when they rework Craglorn. Not sure when that's happening, but I'm still looking forward to it!
    Edited by Autolycus on June 30, 2016 9:27PM
  • Dahveed
    this is the second quest now im locked out of without having a group, have solo'd all the quests so far but keep getting cockblocked by these stupid door mechanics needing 4 people to open.

    I am here to add my two cents and this is EXACTLY what is happening to me right now.

    This is completely stupid.

    I mean even if I had 2 other players with me, this "puzzle" is so completely uninteresting as to be almost funny (almost).

    "Cockblocked" is a good term and applies perfectly. I am trying to find challenging content to do, so right now I'm trying to solo some of the Craglorn stuff which is at CP110 while my character is at CP71.

    It is very fun, showing the potential this game has.

    But then I run into something so utterly nonsensical (such as this IDIOTIC mechanic) and it just makes me shake my head and think that the people who develop this game are complete ***.

    Whoever designed this mechanic, you are a moron.
  • sdh91885
    Soul Shriven
    So, I Google this quest looking for answers and came upon this thread. I typically solo, it is so hard to find people who also have limited time. As dumb as this little requirement is, if anybody is still trying, I am on the North America server, XBOX One. My gamer tag is sdhogarth. Maybe we could put something on the calendar. I would like to complete this thing. Until then...I guess maybe I'll try my hand at PVP.
  • Asdara
    Is it fixed? if not FIX IT PLZ it been 84 years
    Edited by Asdara on June 21, 2020 3:49PM
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