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Looking for casual PvE guild in AD [Found]

Hi there,

while I've been in several trading guilds until now, I'd like to find a guild to do some PvE content as well.

Specifically, what am I looking for?
- relaxed, helpful, mature guild mates, mostly based in AD
- groups for random/pledge dungeons or specific dungeons to learn or farm them
- no external forum (could live with that, though) or TS (or other VoIP, unfortunately RL does not allow for that) required
- no specific online times required
- German or English speaking
- (optional grouping for trials, Craglorn and IC)

What can I bring to the guild?
- I've done most of the normal dungeons and only vCoH and vEldenRoot, but I do read up on the dungeons and seem to do ok
- my main is a CP320 Stamblade DPS and is currently my only Level50 char, but I'm trying to get a healer and a tank sometime soon
- am proficient clothier, provisioner, enchanter and alchemist, working on the rest
- willingness to get better and learn
- helping out with various acitivities or crafting
- ESO+, so can join in DLC activities

If you think your guild could use someone like me, please hit me up ingame @CometStrike ! Please only (mainly) AD based guilds on PC EU!
Edited by CometStrike on August 1, 2016 9:41AM
  • Kukesh
    We come close to your wishlist :)
    Please check out our thread and about us and leave a message if interested.

    We do have a website with additional information for you to take a look at...
  • CometStrike
    Thanks for the reply, I also saw that you sent me an invitation ingame. However, I've already found a guild and the matter is closed :smile:
    PC/EU (AD)
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