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More time before being kicked out of dungeon

Last night I finished a dungeon, but ran out of inventory space, so called my trusty banker to offload some gear and pick up some new loot from the end of the dungeon - and the game extracted me before I had time to pick up a nice purple drop!
  • Hookgrin
    I ran a new character through Darkshade Cavern's the other day. Experienced players always skip that Dwarven miniboss at the exit and go to the final boss and then drop group when done. I found myself in the boss area with just 20 seconds or what ever it is to run to the exit to turn in the quest and bam, miniboss all over me. Luckily one of the other group members had not left yet and fought him off just long enough that I could turn in the quest with 1 second to spare.
  • razzle1184kicks
    Doesn't the timer only appear once you leave the group? Or if the group is disbanded.

  • JohnnyQuantum
    I didn't leave the group. Can one of the others disband?
  • Curragraigue
    If everyone else leaves group it has the same effect. When the activity is complete crown can disband I think. I never do when I have crown but I seem to remember seeing that option.

    I've had problems with quest turn ins as well with PUGs. A little more time at the end or an automatic quest turn in when the final boss is killed and the group is disbanded would be nice.
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