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Help with guide for templar heal leveling

Soul Shriven
Hi, im new here in ESO, i need help with my templar level 7, i don't know how to use my skill points, anyone can help me with this? Thanks a lot :p
  • Zevlin
    What race are you?

    I playing a Red Guard Templar - Redguards get a 15% XP experience for 1 handed weapon and shield. I am still exploring the Templar skills. Instead of trying to train everything I am focusing a few things like;

    Passive skills like Heavy armor, constitution
    Group healling
    Nova for DPS
    I morphed the Javelin ability to use Enderance for better balance. leaves more Magic for healing.
    • I knock mobs back with Javelin "stuns"
    • I Attack with Shield Charge "stuns"

    Still very new to the game as well. But I thinking of going deeper down individual skills, rather than having everything and being a mile wide and a inch deep. I am level 16 and still have lots to learn.
  • The_Old_Goat
    Deltia's Gaming has some really good info on healing builds. They usually include info for while you're leveling as well as once you've reached CP/Vet ranks.
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  • kargen27
    Try to put at least one skill point into each skill line and one on the weapon you are using. That way all the skill lines and your weapon is advancing in level while you do your thing. When a skill gets to level four don't morph it yet instead start a 2nd skill in that skill line advancing. Later when you have a better idea of what type of character you want you can morph the skills to fit your build and still have plenty of time to get them leveled up. When you get to 15 you can start a 2nd weapon skill line going. If you think you are going to want to heal I would suggest leveling your restoration staff, destruction staff and duel wield skills. That will give you a lot of options later.
    Personally I don't worry about putting points into armor traits until later. Instead I put extra points into my racial traits. You might also consider sticking extra skill points into crafting if that is something you think you might want to do as it takes a long time to learn to craft everything and get those skills up.
    Most important though is getting the weapons and skill abilities leveled up so make sure you have the points to do that as needed. Later in the game you will not be using all of them but having them all available just gives you more options to play your character exactly like you want.
    While leveling it also makes sense to wear at least one piece of each type (heavy, medium, light) armor just so they are all leveled up and ready for when you want to add points to them.
    Just one more bit of advice. Get a horse as soon as you can afford it and start getting his speed up. You don't need it when doing zones for the first time when you want to see and find everything but it is nice to have it up to full speed when you decide it's time to start riding.
    and then the parrot said, "must be the water mines green too."
  • Aloix
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks a lot :blush:
  • drakhan2002_ESO
    One thing I do is use my secondary bar as a "leveling" bar. I take the skills I want to level and put them on this bar (usually more than one of the same skill line). Then before I turn in a quest, I change to the "leveling" bar...bam! All of those skills on that bar get a large jump. Once I get the morph to level IV, I swap a new skill...rinse and repeat.

    My main bar has my DPS, so that I can burn through my mobs. Granted if you're needing heals on your second bar, equip your healing staff and a healing skill or two...fill the rest up with "leveling" skills...

    Anyway, the main bar will level off using the skill and mob kills. The secondary bar will level up on quest turn-ins. So far, I've leveled all of my class skills and weapon skills this way...quick and easy.
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