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PS4 Screen Adjustment Settings Not Saving

I can't save my adjusted screen size on PS4. The settings won't save, no matter what I do - right now the UI elements are in the middle of my screen which is negatively impacting my game experience. Restarting the game, logging in/out doesn't help.
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  • lordrichter
    I think that this is stored in the local game data, but I am not absolutely sure.

    If that is the case, you can delete the local game data and maybe that will kick it in the backside so that it works.

    You will have to go into settings after doing that to set some things up, again. Might want to take a look in settings before you delete anything just to make sure you remember them all.

    This will not delete characters, progression, skills, "saves" or anything in the game. Those are all stored on the server.

    Details on how to do this:

    P.S. - A reference to this happening on XBox suggests that this is the answer

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